How we generated over 30,000 leads in 4 months for a new entrant to the UK legal sector…


SPG Law had an incredible challenge for us.

In the States, they had already successfully brought a huge class action suit against VW Group for the diesel-gate emissions scandal.

They quickly realised this success could be duplicated by helping UK owners bring their cases against VW.

This would be SPG Law’s first UK campaign and they wanted to dominate the market as quickly as possible.

Our mission was to convert thousands of VW owners into signed-up clients within a short time window at a target CPA.

Our solution

Researching UK owners we identified a number of key issues they had with the manufacturer.

We created video interviews of the owners and ran them as Facebook ads to test which messages resonated most strongly and drove most conversions.

A custom campaign landing page was created which included an automated Chatbot.

This chatbot revolutionised the way SPG signed on new clients as it screened for eligibility, handled the collection of customer details, managed the legal documentation and added new clients directly into SalesForce.

Once the various campaign components were tested and optimised, we scaled up across the UK and added additional marketing and remarking campaigns on Google and YouTube along with automated email follow-ups.


The campaign generated over 30,000 signed-up clients at the target CPA within 4 months of launch.​

This demonstrates perfectly the power of using authentic “native” video ads at scale on social media.​

The Chatbot driven automated sign-up process revolutionised SPG Law’s approach to marketing, reducing the need for spend on call centers and significantly reducing overall CPA.


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